About Us

We are a team of experienced professional with expertise in information technology domain, who are determined in delivering best possible information security technologies to our customers.

CS Tech Resources Sdn Bhd has a proven record as one of the Information Technology Solution provider.

CS Tech Resources Sdn Bhd is one of the few players which focused on providing best solution to the customer.

CS Tech Resources Sdn Bhd is focus on cyber security, security product and training in Malaysia market. It focuses its business areas in providing IT solutions and services for the Malaysian Small and Medium Industry, Private Sector, Government Sector and Education sector.

Our office based in an office at Petaling Jaya, Selangor energetic and vibrant individuals focusing mainly on Systems Integration work and providing support services.



Qualified consultants will analyse and advise on course of action for your business matter


We vow to continuously offer competitive prices and provide the best value for money


We cater to both big and small businesses, young or mature.


We aim to build a strong network of business partners to work together with us, to provide the best services for all our clients.

We aim to aid all new business owners to get a kick start on their entrepreneurial journey.

We guarantee that our clients will always walk away having saved money when dealing with CS Tech Resources Sdn Bhd.

We promise to always offer competitive prices and the highest value for your Ringgit.

Why CS Tech Resources Sdn Bhd ?

CS Tech Resources Sdn Bhd intensely imbibes in it DNA three significant traits of business - Delighted Customer, Passionate Workforce and Ethical Work Culture.

CS Tech Resources Sdn Bhd touches top of scale as one of the fastest growing information security organisation in Malaysia.

Our offering include a complete portfolio of information security and cybersecurity solutions. We specialise on Infrastructure Security solutions to Next-Gen IT solutions with Managed Services.

Resource outsourcing adds to our point of difference

Our team qualified energetic the technical professionals ass enormous value to the business processes.


All our employees are highly qualified to deal with any business queries you might have - from start to finish


What we can't beat in price, we make up for it with our first-class customer service.


We go above and beyond to solve as many aspects of your business affairs as possible.


We have over 20 years of combined experience within our team. With each member, being a specialist of their own field.

To ensure we provide an allencompassing solution for your business.